A New Day

November 6, 2012 at 7:35am

A new day beckons

the same emptiness.

Pain of loss and trust.

Questions like puzzles

that never fit.

Missing answers in the wind

blowing out of reach.


Life goes into a new day

to meet the same night

the endless circle that

binds you in a cycle.

There is no escape.


A ying has a yang

hope has life.

A musician and his dog

Their worldly possessions in a roll

play the music of hope

scattered coins on the road.

The homeless sit still

the streets a haven.

Love, a look, care

is more than the silvers.


People with empty eyes

lost souls in pain.

a child, a parent or a spouse

the loss is the same.

Survival of sorts

to live each day.

Rain in the heart

as sunshine beckons.


To each its own

Perceptions of life

is in the heart.

Sees what it wants

Lost in feelings,

Layered in mistrust

Blinded by betrayal.


The emotions removed

Pain disguised.

Hands reached out

Hope welcomed.

Beyond the night

A new day awaits.

Life is Beautiful!


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