Down Under X- Rambling again!


Rambling again!!

June 10, 2013 at 4:57pm

The red, brown and yellow autumn leaves lay fallen and lifeless. The clouds constantly change shapes to keep up with the serene blue and then the dirty greys. The blacks are here to stay as we bend to the modern age, heads down and too occupied to visualize or experience the changes that surround us.

The sun rises to a kaleidoscope of colours and then fades to a display of shadows. Purposeful strides, a prepared umbrella, restless waits and rush to the train….the first goal of the day and the last one too is to secure a seat. There is silence in the crowd.

A year in the train, I have mastered the art of multi-tasking. I can now text (What’s App + Viber at the same time), listen to music and play Scrabble and Words with Friends, simultaneously. I can proudly say that I have kept myself in touch with modern technology. I’m sure all my real and virtual friends will agree with me when I say I am cool. I suffer from a stiff neck, my back hurts and my vision blurs at times but I attribute that to age. I am a true woman of today; I don’t need to depend on anyone to give me company. My life is literally on my finger-tips!

The mobile phone has become a symbol of confidence and of existence….what else would you do when conversation drops? What would you talk about with the people who you are out with if you didn’t have the constant texts and calls coming in to distract you? How would the people you are with bond, if you don’t tag them in your status update? How else would your friends know how you are feeling if you can’t text them an ’emotion’? Going out would not be the same if you can’t show the world where you were. Get together, parties and celebrations would lose its meaning if you are not able to share with the hundreds of friends (and competitors) waiting on various pages.

I would like to think that I am I am alone but I am not. There are millions all over who are as cool as me. My types- heads bent, ears plugged, deft fingers – it is a solitaire existence even in a crowd. Google on ‘ice-breakers’ gives cool tips on how to start a conversation and saved jokes can liven up any party. Sharing your past experiences over a cup of tea is not the same as discussing the latest celeb break-ups while bowling. Why waste time trying out clothes, or asking your friends if a particular dress looks good on you when you have experts to advise you online and deliver your choice in a jiffy? The money you’d save in making a trip to the mall can be after all used on purchasing accessories to match the dress.

I have recently found out that I am a good debater. After all, I have continuous discussions in my head. I argue for and against myself. I ask myself questions and I answer them too. I am not surprised to realize that my talks to myself are basically pertaining to serious issues like who I need to text 🙂 or do I need to carry and umbrella or which game should I play first. The less serious conversations are a little too scary (I mean what I will do with the knowledge on how to save or plan for the next five years? Isn’t it better that some things unknown are left alone?). I’ve always believed in the philosophy “Live for today, tomorrow will take care of itself”…smart person, whoever said that. I so support you, whoever you are.

Last week my laptop crashed. I came home, reluctant. The mobile kept me busy for a couple of hours but after that I found myself staring. Bored with the blank walls, I stepped out. I was game to sacrifice my time and give Lois company but all I met was her inky black cat. A couple of creaky steps later, I looked up. The sky was a colour I had never seen nor could I ever describe the fading light left enchanting shadows and the air felt cold but it warmed my heart. I was a changed person.

I wish I could write a happy ending but the truth is that I was a changed person. Until my laptop came home three days later, that is. So we are now together- lappy, mobile and me. I continue to Google, have interesting conversations with myself and I still believe that age causes my vision to blur and neck and back to hurt. But I promise to resign from the multi-tasking competition and practice my ice-breaking skills and look around. (Is it too early to make a New Year Resolution?).

Yes I am cool and it comes with a price.



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