Down Under-VI Shoes and Bell

Down Under- VI

Shoes and Bell!!

August 25, 2012 at 9:08pm

Life goes on, in circles and in lines. And sometimes in trains.

I love shoes, any shoes. It gives me pleasure to go shoe shopping. But when I went out shoe shopping on Thursday after work with Vernaz, little did I know what a shoe story I’d have.

Armed with just the kind of wedges I wanted, we were lucky to board the train in the nick of time. Happy with the purchase and blue with cold, the interiors of the train were a warm welcome. So engrossed were we, that, only half way into the journey we finally heard the announcement “The train will terminate at BELL due to an accident on the track”. Bell??That was three stops before mine!

We were thrown back to the cold, to the mercies of the buses which were to take us to our destinations which of course left just as we reached the door. Frozen, we stood there patiently for half an hour before we were told that the train was now ready. This time we RAN, only to reach the train, bag a seat and again wait.

The authorities seemed so concerned, so polite and helpful that nobody had the heart to even raise their voices. There was no option but to do nothing until another thirty minutes later we were informed that the train would NOT be leaving but the buses would. An accomplished runner now, I ran, prepared to even ‘hang’ if required. I and Vernaz pushed our way in the nearest bus, not even caring where it was going as long as it was moving. As we were searching for a place to grip, someone at the back was heard saying “There are plenty of good sets at the back. And sure enough, when I managed to stretch enough over the tall Aussie and mixed heads (everyone seems to be taller than me), there were seats available :). During the entire crisis, no voices were raised, nor did I see or hear anything out of the ordinary. It was really amazing how patient the people were and how understanding!

What strikes me most about this place is the discipline, the lack of urgency to push you into and out of a train. Once inside, the silence is calming (reminds me of being in a hospital), except for a few odd ones who fail to realise that ‘tu cheez badi hai…’ is not what everyone wants to listen to early in the morning, courtesy their headphones or the ones who would like the whole world to know what is happening in their lives as they wash their linen over the phone.

The only time I actually spoke to strangers when I decided to help some lost old ladies (in their 60’s and 70’s on a holiday from New Zealand) find the right stop. I managed to convince them that they were in the right train. Pleased to have mastered the art of directions I felt confident only to miss my stop (I was on the phone 🙂 on my way home the same evening I found myself in the middle of a deserted station called ‘Lalor’, three stops more than I should have taken.

I realise now that even the navigator is of not much use for hopeless cases like me. And, moreover, getting lost gives me fuel for my journals 🙂

With Louise invisible, the garbage mess sorted out, I face the writer’s block at times.

Down Under and me are now ready to welcome spring and a riot of colours. At the moment, the only colours around me are grey and black with a dash of red every now and then. I’d thought black was to be my signature but it seems like everyone has the same idea. The setting sun takes a longer time to set, allowing us to enjoy the display of its rays on the trees, houses and people as I watch from the train home. With the iphone 4 in its last stages, spring and iphone 5 are the two most awaited in Melbourne.


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