Down Under- V: At work and Play

Down Under- V

At work and play

July 28, 2012 at 10:10am

Yes, this week’s garbage day went off without a hitch as both the colours were cleared successfully. I did meet Lois on Tuesday late evening as I was returning from work. She seemed alright and she confirmed that she wouldn’t be going out anywhere on Wednesday as she would have to ‘pre-garbage’…….meaning sort things out garbage for early Thursday collection. So it was mandatory that she stay home and I couldn’t help thinking that she has such simple things in life to look forward to. Her other two cats are still not to be seen…..maybe it’s because I leave home by nine and return only by six thirty on most days and ten on the days I have college.

For a week now, I have being seeing files and lots of them, enough not to make me want to see any more for the rest of my life. Welcome to reality and a grand entry into the Administrative world 🙂 Yes, I have just finished a week at a new workplace and in a new country but work all over the world is the same.

“If you want to learn something, you have to start at the grass-root level.”

Tuesday I had my first class…fortunately it got cancelled. But Wednesday was not to be avoided and as the hour approached, I waited for some signs and symptoms…wasn’t my stomach supposed to pain or get upset? But no, I seemed perfectly normal.

Headache? I mean a serious blinding headache? Nope.

Toothache…you know the killer toothaches where you can’t even speak and your face swells up? Or even a mild kind of toothache would do. BUT this was the day when all my possible foes were my allies. I had nothing that would justify my missing my first class. Wait, what about rain…a heavy downpour?

So with a lot of anticipated rain and after at least twenty goodbyes to my new friends Pritisha and Vernaz (hoping for some miracle that would make it impossible for me to go to class) and armed with a hope of getting lost I finally set off.  Unfortunately, after three weeks in the city, my sense of direction also decided to aid me and I reached class FIFTEEN minutes early. I was almost the last one to enter breaking my belief that I was actually one of ‘the punctual kinds’. A lot of Chinese (three actually and other three possible suspects as I am unable to figure out their ethnicity), two Australians, a Thai……..these are my classmates for the next twelve classes of ‘Assessment and Evaluation’.

I do “Behaviour of Educators” as my Tuesday’s class with some Josephine. As a typical student, I have heard stories about her and I already want to change my course but the only other unit I can change to is taken by her as well.

My other trainer, Helen is a lot like me in terms of being kind and understanding 🙂 and I’m sure she is a wonderful person too. I only wish she’d speak the English I understood and I could hear whatever language she spoke.

For three hours I sat there trying to look and speak intelligent and listen. I must go for a ‘hearing’ check (there is one just two minutes walk from my home which reads ‘Melbourne Hearing Aid Centre), it’s either my ears or the accents but believe me I returned having the same knowledge as I had before the class.

To say that the system is different would be an understatement. Nothing is familiar. No tests, no examinations. The classes are mostly interactive (with nominal participation from my side except to ask a few stupid questions like “Are there no examinations?”ONLY three assignments?”…I did receive my fair share of stares and looks to shut me up for the remainder of class. But the good news is that thought there are ONLY three assignments per subject, these assignments are the stuffs nightmares are made of.

I hope the education system is clearer now for those of you who are as brave as me. I have officially finished three of my forty eight hour weekend with this banter. Now forty five remain in which I have to complete my assignment, read for the next class and finish housework. Darn, I don’t like housework but it’s still better than reading “Dochy”, no idea who or what that word means. I’d better go find out and enlighten my readers later on.

Have a great weekend.



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