September 27, 2012 at 8:08pm

Life- A mystery, revealed in installments.

Ups and downs,

every low has double highs.

Here I go and here I come

the journey never ends.

Broken hearts never mend

Time isn’t  always a healer.

A cynic, a non-believer

Life has little to offer.

Each day I live, I eat,

I sleep and exist.

Will this journey never end?

Peace I seek, a stable mind

as I move along

this poetry called life.

No hopes in the heart,

no joy nor sorrow

Alone- the warrior and me

hand in hand, yet alone.

People come and then they go

Leaving you a little wiser.

I wait- an endless wait

the fortunes that should be mine.

Every cloud has a silver lining,

the darkest night

brings forth the brightest day.

I await, the dawn of day

the silver lining

that will complete my circle of life.

The end to all

and an end to a beginning

yet a beginning to an end.

So here I come

and I will go.

The circle of life continues.


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