Down Under VIII- Weather me!


Weather me!

December 16, 2012 at 7:13pm

A ‘heely’ day, feet aching, I almost made it home before I found her standing right in front of me. It was to be one of those conversations where I got to know how she loves to watch some show about ‘the lamest excuses drunk drivers make’, she also told me how I could cut the lavender flowers and dry them and put them in a newspaper so that it would leave a nice scent in the closet, how a funny looking plant (I don’t even know the name) that mostly dries and dirties my entrance, could bring in lots of money. I came to know more about my other neighbours- a single girl from the middle east, an Aussie cabbie whom she isn’t very fond of, two Indian families, how many children, their names, names of dogs… ….I wanted to know more about the “money plant’ but despite my shifts from foot to foot, I couldn’t take it anymore. Half hour later, I was ready to kill but I forgave everything when I received a Christmas card and a gardener’s number in my mail box the next day. My goodwill only lasts the week as every Saturday and Sunday my hopes of a dreamy late morning are shattered by her voice just outside my window – Another neighbour, another victim and Louise. I cover my head with a pillow and pretend I am dead.

‘Habit’ is defined as something that you do on a regular basis. My latest habit is to check my phone the moment I open my eyes and NO it is not to check messages but for weather update. But no matter what apps I install, I just can’t beat the four seasons. Rain, sun, wind, all in a day……you just don’t know what to expect. A few weeks back, the temperature went up to a crazy 40 degree, I hid in office all day but eventually despite my undying passion for my work, I had to return home and wow, it was hot! Four hours with a hot air fan, a cold shower, lots of sweat, I finally discovered the AC. I mean I thought air conditioners came with a box and stuff, how was I to know that the house had central cooling and no- the heater was NOT two-in-one (heater plus cooler) as I had thought. Anyways, I thought summer was here and I was already miserable as I hate summer and the heat and the AC. But nothing lasts forever; the temperature too keeps changing from 21 to 37 with a lot of twenties and a few early thirties. So far so good.

The holidays are here as I struggle to re-orient myself to the warmth of Christmas. I mean Santa in shorts isn’t exactly what I grew up with. Warm clothes, snow and cold are things of the past, even the Christmas trees are as fake as Rakhee Sawant. I am disillusioned by the lack of carols and the display of reds and greens. I am not exactly dreaming of a white Christmas but a little cold could help to make up for the oranges by the fireside. Happy Holidays and A Merry Christmas to all my readers.



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