Down Under VII- Students and More

Down Under VII

Students and More

September 1, 2012 at 11:13am

OMG (Oh MY God), only this Iswor is not a God but a student at the college where I work. He claims that for the past year and a half he has not been able to clear some units of his course as he has been victimised by his trainer. His trainer on the other hand rightly defends herself by showing us his assignments and accuses him of submitting plagiarised work.

“No way”, answers Iswor only to find the copied work handed to him. (While in the process of copy/paste, he failed to cut out the original student’s name :). He quickly takes the assignment back and smugly informs that it was the only one but the trainer not to be outdone, shows him more than just that one.

The story is that EVERY time he submits an assignment WITH the name of the person he has copied from. And this has been going on forever leaving both equally frustrated. It was like witnessing a live Tom & Jerry show. We have made him promise to submit his own work next time.

We think that all is well after Tom and Jerry eventually leave and settle in for a normal day only to find Sunil Kumar, standing before us, the third day in a row. A supposedly horse-trainer and a long time student, so long that it’s hard for him to remember stuffs, even normal things like what course he’s just finished and the certificate he’s applying for.

“Ni hou ma”, I wish I’d spent some time somewhere learning Chinese. I really require it now as we have a lot of Chinese students studying with us. After a week and more than 200 students later, I still did not learn Chinese but I learnt how to speak S-l-o-w. I’d begin by ”My name is Z-e-e-n-a and I a-m c-a-l-l-i-n-g and the entire two three lines only to be interrupted by “Please, can you repeat again?” I am on the lookout for a tutor now.

Another time, another student- before I rattle off my name, number, purpose and whatever standard line I’m supposed to say, I ask the student, ‘Are you Cheong?’ He replies in the affirmative and when I am half way through to what I have to say he tells me that he is not Cheong. I am confused and he is too. Two hours later, he calls back and says that he IS Cheong and is a student with us. Hurray! It took him only two hours to remember his name and where he is studying.

Last week I went for my Tuesday class, and waited patiently for my trainer and the rest of the class. Half an hour later after taking two free apples, a fistful of free chocolates (all FREE and left around for students along with many more goodies like tinned soup, tinned sauce etc) and now a bag which seemed a little heavier than what I had come with, I finally realised that I WAS the first and the last student. Lin, my classmate, what’s apped me too late that the classes had been cancelled (via mail which I hadn’t bothered to check).

Not wanting to miss out on this opportunity I decided to head to the library, a task I’d been putting off forever. I thought half an hour would be sufficient for this purpose once I figured out where the books were? An old lady with snow-white hair and a red hair band sweetly directed me to the nearest computer where I could search for the books. After staring at the computer and not knowing what to type, I went back to her. I’d never known that a library could be as complicated.

My image of librarians had been of someone wearing glasses, hair in a bun and a stern look but this lady changed my perspective. She not only showed me how to search for books and get their code, she also took me to the rooms where I could find them. And the library and the resources are HUGE. There must’ve been millions and millions of books on the topics I required and I picked as many as I could, as we could borrow up to 30 books at a time, no idea what I would do with them.

I finally took eight, that’s all I could carry. I still have them with me, in mint condition.



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