Down Under XI- Of moving and the moved

A Year Down Under- XI

Of Moving and the Moved!

July 28, 2013 at 11:31pm

I woke up this morning to trees and birds. I stared at a big interesting tree outside my window for a long time and watched the angry winds play with the branches and leaves. The ‘green tree’ was mysteriously beautiful for my ‘four walls’ starved eye so I dutifully shared the picture on What’s App and I might have gotten carried away if one of my friends hadn’t replied “I have seen trees before” . Well, what can I say?  The winter sun warms my room as I write, in silence, except for the occasional bird and a distant four wheeler.

Nothing lasts forever.

I have moved and my advice to anyone who is thinking of moving is ‘Are you crazy?’  I hope I grow old in this new place or I can conveniently disappear for the appropriate time or a tall, dark, strong handsome ‘moving specialist’ falls madly in love with me (mad enough to pack single-handedly) if I ever have to shift to a new place again.

I am surprised how much junk we humans can accumulate….why blame the human race when it’s actually my story. I came here with a suitcase and a bag and now I have the same suitcase and the same bag plus and many more of the similar types. The sorting out process was a long drawn out process, the junk and me equally surprised to see each other (sometimes for the first time) . After numerous conversations with me and self discussions and imaginary arguments, the boxes and the bags and the suitcases went from flat to full, slowly but steadily. The winners went in and the losers that needed to disappear went for midnight strolls with me, where they found homes in the neighbourhood bins. I convinced myself that even the scriptures say “Help your neighbours” and they were mine and I assumed that using their bins was their contributing help. If I had seen a river close by, I’d have certainly found it useful.

Why wasn’t I smart enough to realize that buying during SALE periods was the easiest way to bring home things you didn’t necessarily need? And why did I end up with at least six plastic lunch boxes (most of them red) when there are only two people? What made me succumb to the lure of ‘Two Dollar’ stores? Did I seriously think I was smart when I came home with ‘Buy One, Get one free’ offer?

The only positive thing is that I am hopefully cured of the “Imelda Marcos’ syndrome. After having made peace with the few pairs of shoes that I am regular friends with, I can now count the exact numbers that I own and hopefully I know where they are. The Bell Shoes were a one day wonder and the famous boots from my earlier adventure are a part of my museum collection.

But plastic containers are another story. Is it my fault that they are cheap and attractive and I am absolutely certain that I absolutely need them? Yet they mysteriously disappear when I need them. Last week I had to pack my lunch in a foil.

India, the land where we take things for granted. Even the ‘thought’ of shifting is supported by wanted and unwanted tips, support and a series of discussions. A hundred pairs of hands miraculously appear on the pretext of free food and the entire process is like a wedding. To state the obvious, you are on your own here. L

If I had any doubt as to my previous life occupation, I am now certain that ‘cleaning’ must have been an integral part of that job description. I might have mentioned that I sometimes spend hours at a stretch doing that, but this ‘shifting’ cleaning was not exactly what I’d bargained for. Did you know that ‘blinds’ could be cleaned, the original tile colour was not off-white and the electric chimney had compartments I’d never thought existed? I waited in vain for a genie to appear and grant me a wish but the reality was aching arms and restless sleep.

I like to think that this move has been a life changing one. I have promised that I will rather carry my lunch in a banana leaf than to give in to temptation. I pretend I’m blind when I see the “SALE” signs. I am fortunate that there are no two dollar stores close to where I live. I think I have gotten over periodic junk collection. I think…….….I was thinking that I deserved a reward for my hard work when I walked into the DFO mall last Thursday. But that is another story.

Surprisingly, I miss Lois. I was lost without her to guide me about the ‘bin collection days’. I kept looking out of my window till I almost got a stiff neck, waiting to see when my invisible neighbours put theirs out. It took me two weeks to figure it out. Without her voice outside my window, I tend to sleep into my days off and there is no one to tell me who lives next door.

For those of you who have been following my ramblings, I now complete a year down under. I have come a long way since my race at the airport a year ago. I am wiser, my sense of direction has seen some changes (not necessarily positive) and I can now move.

And the tree is still outside my window and now that the novelty has worn off….do I need to move? 🙂


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