Down Under XII – Of memories and the mind




December 30, 2013 at 2:09pm

Why is it that we remember some and forget others?

The world speeds by as we are lost in our hands- heads bent, fingers furious and hearing blocked-oblivious to what is there and what could be. The tired eyes, slouched backs, days and weeks spin, merging to months leaving us to where it all began – another New-year.

Do we remember what we did on any random date five years back or even a month back? As we constantly texts, call, talk and work or play, they are only in the moment. Everything fades leaving behind just bits and pieces.

Where did it all go? What do we remember? What is left to remember?

I remember. I remember shoes in my hands, drenched, the flow of the water and the pebbles as I walked home from school. Annual Sports Day- an eight year old anxious to win the’ Potato in the Spoon’ race and the disapointment that followed when my third position was nullified. (They only had prizes for first and second!).

Older and I thought maybe wiser, a fresh teen and an entire year of carrying books for my teachers, making myself visible as much as I could, getting wild flowers and spending extra time after school in carrying out class cleaning duties, I finally got me the coveted walk to the stage to receive my first, and what is still my last prize. It was then called “Helpfulness” but definitely wiser now; I can find other names for it.

Imagining the imagined, walks to the nearby park with my best friend looking for possible trees and anxious to find Silky or even Moonface, disguised only to fool ourselves, dreams of a world created in our minds, I remember.

I forget. I forget the disappointments of the spoon race as I now understand that winning doesn’t essentially mean that you’ve won and victory isn’t what you expected it to be. The disguise perfected, is now a mask. It is in creating a pattern or a design of all the disjointed memories that makes your mind remember what you do.

Moments are lost intrying to capture it; even a simple cup of coffee with friends goes incomplete without electronic interference, the present belongs to the future as we forget to live the moment. Nothing lasts forever, only memories remain.

The past behind, the New-year waits for a fresh new set that will define who we are to become.

Will you want to remember what you remember or forget what you remember?



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