Shadow of silence


Shadow of Silence

The mind mirrors a hazy light ,

the day appears dark

I exist like a shadow,

seen but not to be heard

I am invisible,

I scream from an invisible world

Silence answers loud and clear.


The story unfurls

When the time is right.

The eyes that cannot see

Is seen by the soul

Invisible, yet not so.

Shadows remain in the dark

Constant but unseen.


Fake faces

disguised in smiles

the real and the unreal

unclear and unknown.

The mirror reflects me

in silence, invisible.

My cry remains

unheard, unseen

lost in the shadow of the dark.


My world hidden

as is the truth

I tell my story

to be heard in my silence

to be seen in the dark.

I cry out from my shadows

the one that cannot be seen

is only seen by the soul.

Zeena (19/4/2014)


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