Not Broken Yet

They came in fours
Just a knock on the door,
A punch and a kick
A fall and some tears.
The stinging sounds
Unconscious almost
The nightmare continued.

She lay broken and bruised
Soaked in red and blue
Lonely and alone.
She listened on the line,
Her friend, helpless.

Battered body,frightened
the cries unheard
The cowards listened
But not to hear.

The face healed
The blood washed off
But the scars never will.
The soul is dark
As the memories remain
Never to be erased.

Fear haunts her
Trust is gone
Years go by
But the heart is still.

He thought he broke her
But she still stands strong
Layers of abuse
But not broken still.

Life has been cruel
But love overrules
As she faces life
Alone but strong.

Never take in abuse
You don’t deserve it-
Fight for yourself
No matter what it takes.
A woman has-
More than what it takes.


4 thoughts on “Not Broken Yet

  1. Beautiful Zeena…..We all knew that your blessed with words.
    Keep up your good work and cannot wait to read more from you….

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