The smell of oranges

mixed with burnt wood,

the chill of the mighty mountains.

She closes her eyes

to find herself home again.

So far, yet so near.


The ‘race horse’ like existence,

the run to the race,

people, faces, friends,

they exist yet outside her reach,

close, surrounded

so near yet so far.


She sighs as she listens,

to the silence of the sounds

unheard, unspoken yet so clear.

The dawn has broken

After long dark nights

The time has come.


Her bags packed,

the memories all wrapped with care.

The chill beckons

as does the river,

swollen with tears

but now calm.

She awaits,

to reach, to unpack,

to a home so far away.


The innocence of the mountains,

the warmth of the fireside,

the laughter of love,

is where she truly belongs.

It is time now to go home now,

Near- yet so far!



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