Five years Down Under:

Sometimes I feel that I am exactly where I was five years ago when I landed in this place I now call home.
It is home yet not really. But the country I left behind doesn’t seem to belong so where do I do belong? I am a stranger in my adopted country and a guest in the other.
My life is a blur of Mondays that merge into Fridays and disappearing weekends. I exist yet I don’t feel alive, I smile but I’ve forgotten to laugh. I breathe into endless nothingness, walk to no destination.
I pause with heads bent, the sun and light meaningless in their beauty- to be seen yet not visible.
Tired eyes, exhausted mind, a brain dulled by randomness, by a lack of goal.
Five years have gone, I have changed yet I’m the same. Clueless. Where do I go from here- purpose unknown. Numb.


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