Not anymore

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Last night she had a dream that someone entered the house while she was sleeping and she woke up planning her escape.
Fear, gnawing fear, a fear that is as constant as life. It came as a visitor but is now an unwelcome guest. It has taken away the light and fills dark thoughts. Of the end, of nothingness.
‘End it’, says Fear.
‘I can’t ‘,she answers unconvincingly.
Tomorrow is a repeat of yesterday and today so the end does seem to look like the beginning.
‘Come with me, I will never leave you.’
She is happy to finally have a friend.
Joy, happiness, success promised her love, peace of mind but they parted ways a long time ago. The guest that she welcomed is what remains.
Her dream so real, she plans her escape.
With Fear in the heart she follows her heart, to meet the end of fear – darkness, nothingness.


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