“How beautiful is the rain”….born and brought up in the Himalayas, Down Under has welcomed me and brought out the writer in me. Hopeless with no sense of direction, I find a story every time I am lost. My adventures have earned me “Dora the explorer” title and I embrace life as I continue to look for a story in my mundane everyday life.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. There´s always a story everywhere, you say mundane life? Then make a story of it, I tend to do so myself. But in an ironic type of tone, I have no clue but I have trouble writing seriously most of the time. Except my new found thing for poetry, but mostly it´s hard for me to write serious things, although I can. I make the absurd sound rational, and the rational absurd in some cases when I´m bored. Glad you stopped by my crazy little un paid blog.

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