For most death has wonas the enemy comesunknown,unseen.The rest have fearnagging,hanging,constant and consistentas it breakseven the strongest. Brave souls,in scrubs and withoutfighting the terrorthe relentless enemythat claims without bordersthat hides in the darkunseen in the light. The world has pauseda warrior in mid-battleemptinesssilenceuntold storiesbut life doesn't stop.It cripples even the bravestIrrational behaviorIs that the fear... Continue Reading →

Strange times

Fear is as constant as the invisible symptoms that manifest itself in aches and pains.Who is the killer?Everyone talks about it, fears it but can't seem to find a solution.I'd say that fear will destroy before anything else.Where do we go from here?I wish I could fast forward to see if I get it, to... Continue Reading →


The invisible bars are strongMore than what's in frontThe lines blur as does the mindFlickering and meaningless. The bright light is undyingConstant as the shame,The pain of one in chainsAnd of a life lost. Gone forever but memoriesThe muffled criesFaint and hopelessA lifetime, an eternity. Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on Pexels.com


They said it would rain. Everyone waited. The strongest trees to the delicate blooms. The world turning golden, the greens fast disappearing. Hope reduced to a distant rumble as the twenty fours hours ran to thousands of seconds and minutes. Stretching with no end in sight. Mother Earth cried out, begging for mercy. The streets... Continue Reading →


She walks faster As voices drive her Falling, stumbling She runs. Static, she watches Words waiting to be free Emotions to escape She closes her eyes. Weary, she is of the constant noise that breaks the silence She desperately craves. Run, wait, watch words fight it out Silence breaks Free at last!


One day I will be but a gravestone, And a piece of earth of negligible cost, I wonder if someone will bring me a flower And maybe whisper to me of dreams lost Indulge in some "what if's" and "If only" And maybe wipe away some frost...

Not anymore

Last night she had a dream that someone entered the house while she was sleeping and she woke up planning her escape. Fear, gnawing fear, a fear that is as constant as life. It came as a visitor but is now an unwelcome guest. It has taken away the light and fills dark thoughts. Of... Continue Reading →


  Pain is like your friend constant and true cheering you on here to stay. They say it won't last nothing is life does your friend will too, leave when it has too. The loss is gradual the voice fades away the smiles lost an emptiness to stay. Till we meet I survive, the pain... Continue Reading →


Hopeless, helpless Floating into nothingness Empty darkness Shines the brightest. A journey without end Yet final Wandering soul Lost to the world. To rise and awake To move to the light Powerful brightness Forces in motion. Is this it? Angry and dark Emotions raw As I await.  


Silence Lost in selective silence the world blocked out heads bent choosing to be lost, darkness overpowering the light. The race is on refusing to look up capturing for the future kaleidoscope of memories of a virtual past adding temporary colour to the otherwise blackout. Where has it gone? Tomorrow is now embrace the colours... Continue Reading →

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