For most death has won
as the enemy comes
The rest have fear
constant and consistent
as it breaks
even the strongest.

Brave souls,
in scrubs and without
fighting the terror
the relentless enemy
that claims without borders
that hides in the dark
unseen in the light.

The world has paused
a warrior in mid-battle
untold stories
but life doesn’t stop.
It cripples even the bravest
Irrational behavior
Is that the fear manifesting?

Nature has won.
As the human hides
the clear skies breathe
birds fly
the beasts roam
with unchained freedom
to claim their victory.

The enemy lurks
Hiding in shadows.
As faceless as it may be
and as powerful,
we all know the truth-
Nothing lasts forever.

Faith and Hope
befriend them
heads up
and believe.
We will survive.
There’s no other way.

Strange times

Fear is as constant as the invisible symptoms that manifest itself in aches and pains.
Who is the killer?
Everyone talks about it, fears it but can’t seem to find a solution.
I’d say that fear will destroy before anything else.
Where do we go from here?
I wish I could fast forward to see if I get it, to see if I make it.
Or I would just live with fear until it’s all over.
The nights seem endless, every broken sleep remains broken until the end.
When will this end?
When it does, will we forget?
Will the fear linger or will I learn to live with it?


The invisible bars are strong
More than what’s in front
The lines blur as does the mind
Flickering and meaningless.

The bright light is undying
Constant as the shame,
The pain of one in chains
And of a life lost.

Gone forever but memories
The muffled cries
Faint and hopeless
A lifetime, an eternity.


They said it would rain. Everyone waited. The strongest trees to the delicate blooms. The world turning golden, the greens fast disappearing.

Hope reduced to a distant rumble as the twenty fours hours ran to thousands of seconds and minutes. Stretching with no end in sight.

Mother Earth cried out, begging for mercy. The streets echoes in silence, the pitter patter ceased to match the ghostly silence.

They said it would rain but couldn’t predict the exact time the Gods would relinquish, give in to the dying cries.

‘Where are the trees? And what’s become of my open spaces?’

Concrete supreme, wood to ashes, every nook covered – they all reigned. The once mighty oceans, the now shriveled rivers had nothing much to give.

The cries finally let the clouds break. Blissful, cooling magic. Drops of salvation.

The earth soaked in till it could no more. The land broke to the strain.

The rain didn’t stop till the fury was unleashed, leaving behind a world of pain.


She walks faster
As voices drive her
Falling, stumbling
She runs.

Static, she watches
Words waiting to be free
Emotions to escape
She closes her eyes.

Weary, she is
of the constant noise
that breaks the silence
She desperately craves.

Run, wait, watch
words fight it out
Silence breaks
Free at last!

Not anymore

backlit dark light people
Photo by Heorhii Heorhiichuk on Pexels.com

Last night she had a dream that someone entered the house while she was sleeping and she woke up planning her escape.
Fear, gnawing fear, a fear that is as constant as life. It came as a visitor but is now an unwelcome guest. It has taken away the light and fills dark thoughts. Of the end, of nothingness.
‘End it’, says Fear.
‘I can’t ‘,she answers unconvincingly.
Tomorrow is a repeat of yesterday and today so the end does seem to look like the beginning.
‘Come with me, I will never leave you.’
She is happy to finally have a friend.
Joy, happiness, success promised her love, peace of mind but they parted ways a long time ago. The guest that she welcomed is what remains.
Her dream so real, she plans her escape.
With Fear in the heart she follows her heart, to meet the end of fear – darkness, nothingness.


person on a bridge near a lake
Photo by Simon Migaj on Pexels.com


Pain is like your friend

constant and true

cheering you on

here to stay.

They say it won’t last

nothing is life does

your friend will too,

leave when it has too.

The loss is gradual

the voice fades away

the smiles lost

an emptiness to stay.

Till we meet

I survive,

the pain it seems

does not diminish.




afterglow art backlit birds
Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com


Lost in selective silence
the world blocked out
heads bent
choosing to be lost,
darkness overpowering the light.

The race is on
refusing to look up
capturing for the future
kaleidoscope of memories
of a virtual past
adding temporary colour
to the otherwise blackout.

Where has it gone?
Tomorrow is now
embrace the colours
walk in the light.
Darkness will eventually come
to show what’s actually there.

Wake up to the beauty
shake off the silence
hear what is
screaming quietly
break off what is
to what it should.