Not anymore

Last night she had a dream that someone entered the house while she was sleeping and she woke up planning her escape. Fear, gnawing fear, a fear that is as constant as life. It came as a visitor but is now an unwelcome guest. It has taken away the light and fills dark thoughts. Of... Continue Reading →



  Pain is like your friend constant and true cheering you on here to stay. They say it won't last nothing is life does your friend will too, leave when it has too. The loss is gradual the voice fades away the smiles lost an emptiness to stay. Till we meet I survive, the pain... Continue Reading →


Hopeless, helpless Floating into nothingness Empty darkness Shines the brightest. A journey without end Yet final Wandering soul Lost to the world. To rise and awake To move to the light Powerful brightness Forces in motion. Is this it? Angry and dark Emotions raw As I await.  


Silence Lost in selective silence the world blocked out heads bent choosing to be lost, darkness overpowering the light. The race is on refusing to look up capturing for the future kaleidoscope of memories of a virtual past adding temporary colour to the otherwise blackout. Where has it gone? Tomorrow is now embrace the colours... Continue Reading →


I am lost- the daily, the mundane, no shore on sight. I am sinking, drowning in the everyday. The sun and rain watch in glee As darkness and light play games- Emotions numb. Time is racing, merging Hours roll into one another. Where am I meant to go- Purposeless and vague. I almost want to... Continue Reading →

Five years Down Under:

Sometimes I feel that I am exactly where I was five years ago when I landed in this place I now call home. It is home yet not really. But the country I left behind doesn't seem to belong so where do I do belong? I am a stranger in my adopted country and a... Continue Reading →

Melbourne diaries-The Lady in Yellow

I have stopped writing. The thought of who is going to comment or what people are going to interpret stops me. Fear of fear, the kind that freezes you. The discovery of WordPress- a writer's platform instead of being¬†inspirational¬†has only made me realise how insignificant I am as opposed to all the talented, like minded... Continue Reading →


Where was it when she looked? She spent a lifetime in meaningful searches, amongst friends and relationships reaching for it that could never be found. Was it in the smiles that never touched the soul or in the words that remained unspoken? Was it in the friends that could've been or the special people that... Continue Reading →


The page is white A canvas of emotions, The colors faded The brush broken. Dark and grey The colors appear, Smudged and unclear They remain hidden. They that seek Are to find, That what appears outside Is not what they see. The colour white Holds all of it, That what remains unseen Was always there.... Continue Reading →

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